We believe the best brands are kind brands

and the most authentic influencers are people who care about the products.

We believe Ethical is the New Normal, so we’ve built this for you to SHOUT OUT WITH PASSION about all these great products and experiences.

So if you aspire to live cruelty-free, be more eco-friendly and sustainable, lead a more plant-based lifestyle and encourage others to make great ethical purchase choices that matter to everything on the planet, then Kindsta★ is for you.

So, what is Kindsta★

We are a new, exciting platform that brings together great ethical brands and awesome influencers through gift exchanges instead of paid social promotion.

Look no further.

Nationwide or local campaigns.
It’s your choice.

We do our best to promote local, sustainable businesses – reducing our carbon-footprint wherever possible – and making sure the innovative small businesses and individuals out there don’t get left behind.

That’s not to say we don’t work with some amazing bigger brands. We do; across the country, so you can always find authentic, engaging posts and reviews on the latest products and experiences (including where to eat, where to shop and what to look out for).

Every month we analyse the success of our Kindsta★ Advocates and post that success on our hub, giving extra promotion to the advocates as well as extra promotion for that particular brand product or experience. Extra rewards all round.

Why Kind matters.

For many individuals and small businesses, it can be difficult and too costly to market their products well.

And getting in front of a bigger audience can be a challenge. We are all about supporting those individuals and small businesses, doing what we can to get their awesome products and services noticed.

We offer Starter packages and rates for those who fall into these categories.
(Free Account required)

How it works.

The art of gifting.


  • Simply sign up and set up your campaign
  • Choose how many products or experiences you want to gift
  • Find your ideal advocates by interest / audience / location etc
  • Gift out to your advocates


  • Simply sign up and fill out your profile
  • Apply for campaigns you’d love to be part of
  • Receive your gifted products and experiences
  • Shout about it with passion across your social media

Join us today

for Free and see what Kindsta★ can do for you.